INANA (she/her) is an Austrian alternative electronic/pop musician and producer.

She is the founder of the Viennese FLINTA* label Beatzarilla and is therefore one of the representatives of a new, female-fronted music scene in Vienna, which produces its music mainly with FLINTA*s.

She describes her music as a mixture of trip-hop from the 90s and modern “bedroom” producing from the 2010s – clumsy beats meet pitched vocals, spherical-deep harmonies and vocal sampling.

Central elements of her songs are self-reflection, feelings and inner dialogues. She shows herself from a very intimate and vulnerable side and deals with issues that concern her as a woman in our society: first motherhood and the emotions associated with it or the expectations of the first relationship. With the empowering hymns “You Are Enough” and “Single Life”, which are pleas for self-love and sex positivity, she wants to encourage other women to live their uniqueness away from ideals of beauty and social norms.

At INANA’s live show, she not only impresses with her fragile but strong voice, but also because she controls the electronics, pads, buttons herself.

In 2018 she released her first EP “How is The Air” and in August 2021 the first single (“Tears Dry” feat. The Unused Word) from her debut LP “I’m here”. “Tears Dry” ran on FM4 and was broadcasted on ORF and ZDF as the final song of the TV series “Die Macht der Kränkung“. On April 29th her next single „You are enough“ will be released.


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Tears Dry (SINGLE)

How Is The Air (EP)

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You Are Enough (SINGLE)


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